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Saturday, October 20, 2012

They won't stop making a fuss

Another good photoshoot yesterday and a great day altogether! Had lots of fun with Lawrence as always :) But one of the things that bugged me the most about this photo shoot, and other street shoots that we do is how people keep whispering, making faces, or shouting profanities at us, especially considering it's LA where there are constantly filming and photo shoots taking place. Of course, we're amateurs when it comes to photography, and we're just doing it for fun, but it's completely unnecessary for people to be acting so rudely around us :-/

That aside, I think it was a really good shoot. I still need to improve my photography skills, as well as my modeling skills. Even though I'm not seriously pursuing modeling or photography, I think it would be a really nice thing to have experience at, and to have a good grasp of knowledge at both. Always trying to improve :)

For this look, I really wanted to go simple. I opted for a cool graphic t-shirt, scarf, some skinny jeans, and Lawrence's boots haha I've wanted some cool hip boots for a while now, but I don't have the money to buy a nice pair. I've seen the style a lot nowadays at H&M and Urban Outfitters, as well as fashion ads, so I really wanted to have a go at it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 2012 Updates

Lots of things are happening in my life right now, and it's exciting! Seems like the only thing I'm not focusing on is school... Nevertheless, I have started posting on again thanks to Lawrence K. for re-sparking my interest by doing fun photo shoots with me. We're just a bunch of pseudo-models!

In my old looks, I would name each post after a song lyric, but I've now decided to switch it up and name the looks through my mood, my random thoughts, and inspirations. I've also re-vamped by Blogspot and Tumblr, themed after one of the photo shoots I did with Lawrence K. I'm looking forward to posting more in the upcoming months!

On a side note, Halloween is coming up and I'm very excited about that! I'm hoping I'll get to go on a Haunted Hayride or a corn maze, seeing as I've never been to either. Maybe I'll dress up as something cool this year.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Astro Chimp in the sky

Did another shoot with the amazing Lawrence K. the other day, this was super fun! Our friend Jonathan decided to drop by and be creative director for the shoot as well. This was actually quite a quick shoot because Lawrence needed to rush to class, so we shot both him and myself in about 30 minutes! Here's a sneak peek at Lawrence's pics, this one is my favorite: 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

At it again...

Lawrence and I decided to have a little photo shoot an show off our senses of style, and eventually I decided to start posting on my LookBook again, and Lawrence has created one as well :) We need a better camera to create more depth in our pictures, but this was a super fun shoot and this may become a weekly thing. Hopefully next time, more friends will be able to join us!